March 12, 2018 Felicia Durling

What it Feels like to Live a Sober Life

Have you been caught in the cycle of addiction for so long that you have forgotten when it feels like to live in sobriety? The struggles of addiction make a person feel hopeless and alone in their efforts to clean up their life. Don’t be fooled into thinking that drug or alcohol addiction is your fate! You deserve to live a happy, fulfilled life. Some tools and resources can be used to help you get sober so that you can experience the true satisfaction that comes from a full, successful experience.

Why People Get Caught in Substance Abuse

Why do people turn to drug or alcohol addiction? Usually, they are trying to create a feeling, get rid of negative feelings, or escape from reality.

To some level, all people turn to life activities for these reasons. For example, some people celebrate a birthday by indulging in cake and ice cream to feel good. Other people turn to alcohol for the celebration.

Instead of creating false feelings or escape through alcohol or drugs, it is time to face the emotions of life so that you can overcome the patterns of addiction. You will learn how to use specific tools that make it easier to handle the range of emotions that happen in life, helping you move forward without the need to drown the feelings in the next high.

Freedom of Sobriety

Breaking free of the addiction gives you more power to control your actions and activities each day. Instead of being driven by the next drink or dose, you can focus on goals and dreams that will create the success that you desire. This experience helps you discover your passions and lead you down the road to achieving your highest potential.

Sobriety also helps with relationships. You have the opportunity to rebuild connections with the people that you love. Whether you want to strengthen bonds with friends or family members, you will have the clear head to focus on the things that really matter in life.

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