The Heart Culture Coaching and Leadership Workshop is a program designed to impact those positioned as influencers.  This 16 hour course offers the necessary training and skills to maximize the potential of leading people to their goals within a culture of dignity and respect, thus increasing lasting change.

Heart Culture has become a nationally recognized coaching authority, sought out by school districts, national healthcare companies, law offices, corporations, HR departments, substance abuse programs, along with county and state funded facilities, all designed to help people move forward. Thousands have been impacted by the Heart Culture phenomenon. 

Heart Culture shifts our thinking from managing and control toward a beautiful exchange of motivation and rapport.  It’s believing all is possible, all the time… for all people.

Influencers will be able to reach further, see lasting, true results while creating life-long connections with-in their given populations.

The Workshop covers the following topics:

* Eight Principles of Heart Culture Coaching
* Living with Purpose & Passion
* Six Principles of Being a Healing Influence
* Nine Foundations of Heart Culture Coaching
* The 12-Step Heart Culture Coaching Process
* Communication Strategies
* Reflective Listening
* Motivational Interviewing
* The Five Stages of Change
* The Role of Temperament
* The Business of Coaching – Including defining your niche, setting up & operating your practice, marketing, key forms and record-keeping
* Code of Ethics
* Three Practicums provide REAL experience and feedback working with a trained facilitator. On-site practicums provide real experience and feedback working with a trained facilitator.

Following satisfactory completion of the Heart Culture Coaching & Leadership Workshop, our participants receive the designation of Certified Professional Heart Culture Coach.

Heart Culture was founded by Felicia Durling, CADCII, ICADC, CPC, who grew up in Southern California, graduating from Point Loma University in San Diego. Shen then continued her education at the Institute of Chemical Dependency where she quickly became a leading addiction-influence working with a high risk, resistant population. Felicia started her first private coaching practice in 2001, helping those seeking support in both organizational practice and personal development.  Felicia then became Program Director, Clinical Director and Organizational Consultant across county and state lines, equipping teams to further their impact, utilizing her inspired, published model, Heart Culture.  Her vision for cities is evident by her effortless work as founder and Executive Director of The Center for Life Change, a nationally known non-profit family resource center.  Felicia is a speaker, consultant, writer and national trainer.

Heart Culture is a way to live.

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