June 25, 2018 Felicia Durling

Why Drug Use is More Common in Middle-Class Suburbia

For many years, there was a false assumption that drug users are typically the people living in urban areas. But, drug use among the middle class is on the rise, which means that it is time to let go of the stereotype. People of all ages and income levels can fall into the trap of drug addiction.

Suburb Drug Abuse Usually Starts with Painkillers

It is common for middle-class residents to get trapped by an addiction that starts with prescription drugs. Opiates are prescriptions that have become relatively cheap and easy to dispense. Doctors can prescribe Vicodin or OxyContin for medical issues and pain relief. When narcotics became available legally, people started to have a false security about the opiates that were prescribed.

If a doctor recommended the medication usage, then it makes sense that patients assume the safety of the drugs. But, even if the person follows the recommended dosage and frequency, it is possible to develop addictive behavior with the drug use.

The prescription medication companies can improve the purity of the opioids compared to the products that are sold on the streets. But, don’t be fooled to believe that these prescriptions are any less addictive or dangerous.

Access in Middle-Class Suburban Homes

Even teenagers in these homes have a higher risk for addiction due to the ease of finding the prescription pills in the medicine cabinets at home. For example, a teen might be able to locate the drugs by stealing from a prescription bottle from their parents or grandparents.

At some point, the home supply runs out, which turns the person to look for another source. Many states are improving systems to decrease the risk of prescription refills. So, people with an addiction to prescription drugs commonly turn to street products to get what they need. As a result, the use of heroin has increased 5x in the last decade, mostly due to people who are looking to feed an addiction that started with prescription drug use.

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