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The Journey Towards Family Restoration

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Northbound and The Center for Life Change have partnered to offer a powerful, healing approach to family recovery.

Families affected by substance use disorders and mental illness need guidance, support and assistance in navigating the complex and nuanced road to recovery, for the entire family, not just the identified person.

Most programs leave the family in the dark, the system unchanged. This leads to relapse and lack of change. Northbound and The Center are dedicated to changing this paradigm and offering lasting change.

Call us to discuss our programs and how we can assist you and your family in celebrating life long change and recovery.

Family Support

Our Resources for Parent Support Groups provide the Guidance to Family Recovery.

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Addiction Treatment

Working Directly with Families & Friends to Help Get Loved Ones Into Treatment

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video series

Download Our Video Series

Created Exclusively for Families Struggling with an Addicted Loved One

Our six-part video series will help you to begin that journey of recovery and restoration. If you have a loved one or family member suffering from addiction, Andrea Salzbrunn will walk you through her heart-breaking yet joyous course from despair into hope.

Transform your life, recover your family, rebuild your future.

Begin watching Andrea’s story today and discover your own hope!

Meet Andrea

Hear Andrea’s story about coping with her child’s addiction and how she discovered a solution that worked.

We're Speaking Your Language

Andrea’s journey allows her to speak to you in ways that you have never experienced. She has walked your road.

How YOU Get Better

Discover how a shift in focus allows you to heal and change the outcomes in your home.

Words from the Addict

Listen to the story of an addict as he explains how a support group for his mother reduced his anxiety, improved his relationship, and led to his recovery.

The Dark Times

Identifying the proper parental behaviors to employee as addiction is identified within your family unit.

The Essence of Time

Discover how giving yourself the gift of time can lead to the miracle of restoration within your family.

video series

You're Not Alone,
It's Not Too Late

Northbound and The Center for Life Change are dedicated to seeing your family completely restored. We believe you will find a rare and unique combination of clinically sound, evidence-based treatment, mixed with a transformation model that changes lives. Your family can recover from the trauma of addictive disorders.


100% Committed to the Recovery
and Restoration of Your Family

There is no need to journey alone. We’re “all-in” with you!


Common Questions about Treatment

We’re here to answer them

Heart Culture

Heart Culture

The Heart Culture Leadership Workshop series is a program designed to impact those positioned as influencers. The program offers the necessary training and skills to maximize the potential of leading people to their goals within a culture of dignity and respect.

Heart Culture workshops provide real experience and evidence based feedback to its participants, thus increasing lasting organizational change.

Heart Culture

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