August 27, 2018 Felicia Durling

4 Signs a Loved One Might Be Battling an Addiction

Do you suspect that a close friend or family member might be hiding an addiction? You are concerned about their well-being, so it makes sense that you might be watching for potential signs that there is a problem. But, it can sometimes be hard to identify the common signs. Here are a few things that you should watch for if you think that your loved one is battling addiction:

  1. New Friends and Activities: Changing social groups doesn’t necessary mean that something is going on. But, if there is a drastic shift in the person’s circle of friends and social activities, then it could be a warning sign. Observe the lifestyle of these friends to determine if there are any warning signs of potential drug or alcohol abuse.
  2. Secretive Behavior: If someone is lying about their activities, then it is usually an indication that something is going on behind the scenes. This lying could be used to cover up drug use or drinking.
  3. Physical Symptoms: It is common for physical symptoms to indicate changes in the person’s health habits and substance use. Watch for sudden weight loss or weight gain. Also, pay attention to enlarged pupils or bloodshot eyes. Other symptoms might include trembling hands or unusual body odors.
  4. Change in Daily Activities: A sudden drop in performance at work or school could happen when someone is using drugs or alcohol. Often, the performance issues are related to tardiness or absence. Other daily activities might also change, such as a loss of interest in one-favorite hobbies or pastimes.

If you notice these signs, then it is probably time to seek professional treatment. Addiction usually doesn’t show up overnight, which means that the problem has likely been going on for a while. Don’t jump to conclusions without identifying evidence of the problem and then seeking professional services for the situation.

Eventually, the addictive behaviors take a toll on every aspect in life: relationships, career, safety, health, finances, education, and more. The Center for Life Change is here to break the cycle, with comprehensive addiction treatment services. Call today to learn about the resources that are available: (951) 775-4000

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