February 25, 2019 Felicia Durling

4 Things to Do After Relapse

Relapse doesn’t have to be an inevitable aspect of addiction recovery. But it is common for people to fall back into addictive patterns. Remember that addiction is a chronic disease, which is why it is important to put systems in place to help you maintain sobriety. If you find that you’ve slipped back into alcohol or drug use again, then there are a few things that you need to do:

  1. Stop the Behavior Immediately: Just because you used once, doesn’t mean that it needs to continue. If you slipped up, then remember that you can choose to stop again. Pour the alcohol down the sink, go home, or walk away from any situation that will make it hard for you to avoid the drugs or alcohol.
  2. Ask for Help: It is important that you always have someone on speed dial to support in your moments of weakness. You might have a sponsor, family member, or friend that is on call. Reaching out to your network is an essential step to ensure that you get help in the moment of your need.
  3. Talk to Your Therapist: A conversation with a friend can be helpful, but nothing beats the professional services and support that comes from a therapist. Schedule an appointment right away and follow the recommendations from your therapist. Be honest about the situation and ask for the help that is needed so that the relapse doesn’t happen again.
  4. Take it One Day at a Time: Don’t be too hard on yourself. Baby steps are essential in recovery. Sometimes, you need to focus on just one hour or one day at a time. Looking too far into the future can be overwhelming. Instead, make it through 24 hours and celebrate your success. Staying focused on the here and now can help you gain the momentum to maintain sobriety again.

The Center for Life Change understands that ongoing support is essential to help you avoid addictive behaviors. Whether you are ready to overcome an addiction or you need support in recovery, we are here to assist. Call today to talk to our team about the addiction recovery programs available in Temecula: (951) 775-4000

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