July 6, 2016 Felicia Durling

5 Ways to Handle Rejection with Grace

5 Ways to Handle Rejection with GraceRejection can feel like a sharp blade, slicing right through our precious sense of self. Every time you get rejected, try to think of it is a message from God to simply be aware of yourself and to consider that this may not be your path. Through our faith, we trust that God knows best. Yet in our humanity, we often make decisions on our worth, our purpose, and our image of ourselves based on Earthly factors. When we are rejected, we hurt. We hurt because we suddenly feel we’ve been abandoned by God’s will.

How to Handle Rejection with Grace

Falling into despair can create a ripple effect on our ability to manage our lives. It is possible to manage rejection and handle it with grace, however. Here are five ways to stay faithful, even when you’ve lost faith in yourself.

  1. You were fearfully and wonderfully made. God made you unique and beautiful. Before you were created, God knew you. This one, He thinks for all His children, is going to be special. If we were all a one-size fit, we would not be the showcase of God’s immense creativity in creating who we are. If you did not fit a job, a romantic partner, or a social circle, don’t let where you don’t fit define where you do.
  2. You are not without a reason for living, even if you haven’t found it yet. Our purpose in God’s will is intimately planned, just for us. Rejection can shake our security in knowing that God’s plan reveals itself over time. Sometimes we expect burning bush moments to know exactly what God intends for us. Nothing burns like rejection, but that doesn’t mean we are being condemned! Rather, we are being convicted to stay faithful. We will step into our purpose, and it will be beautiful.
  3. Let go of resentment or judgment. We are all God’s children. Resentment is the poison drink meant for someone else. It is easy to harbor anger toward someone who rejects us. We can villainize and blame them. This only blocks our ability to learn from the situation and gain valuable wisdom.
  4. See yourself as God sees you. Words of criticism are often more memorable than words of praise. Perceived critique on who we are imbeds itself deep in the well of our self-worth. We see ourselves as worthless and inadequate when we are rejected. God never sees us this way, why would we want to see ourselves less than how God sees us?
  5. You’re not meant to be perfect. Simply put, that’s God’s job. Perfection is an awfully heavy burden to bear. Despite our best efforts, it goes beyond the call of human capability. Perfect would mean an omnipotence in being adaptable to everything, everywhere, all the time. It sounds exhausting. Embrace humility to know we cannot meet everyone’s standard, and that’s a good thing.


We know the hopelessness which follows when we begin to lose our sense of self. We lose faith in our abilities. We doubt the strengths inherent in our being. The Center for Life Change helps you find your resilience again. Find your strength in us. We already see it in you. Call (951) 775-4000 for more information on our intensive outpatient programs in Temecula, California.

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