May 17, 2018 Felicia Durling

How Addiction and Alcoholism Create Closed-Mindedness

Drugs and alcohol are good at a lot of things. They are excellent at providing the brain with confusing pleasure signals that rewire the way thought is processed. Drugs and alcohol have shown to provide escape, sanctuary, and isolation to those who need it. At times, drugs and alcohol are great at providing a good time. However, drugs and alcohol are also fantastic at ruining lives. When addiction and alcoholism takes hold, drugs and alcohol do what they do best by becoming the center of attention. Like a religion or a dogmatic practice, drugs and alcohol take reign in one’s life, demanding to be answered to above all else. Financial security, personal relationships, social interactions, and even precious self-care come second to the authoritarian rule of addiction and alcoholism in someone’s life.


Addiction and Alcoholism Create Closed-Mindedness

Being controlled by the power of a substance has an incredibly minimizing effect on one’s life. As the brain has become chemically dependent upon its substance of choice, using the body as a puppet messenger to deliver physical signs of withdrawal to indicate craving, life becomes entirely revolved around obtaining and using substances. Narrow is the path that is stumbled upon by those suffering from addiction and alcoholism– which is precisely how it would be preferred.

When other things threaten the importance of using, addiction and alcoholism become threatened. Interfering with the delicate process of satisfying a biochemical and neurological need to get drunk or to get high would mean that the body could suffer the punishment of the brain’s lacking in dopamine stimulation. That dopamine stimulation has given the brain endless reward and pleasure, making the idea of anything unpleasant entirely unwelcomed. Worlds become smaller and smaller, creating a terrible habit in the mind of necessarily remaining closed off to other ideas. For too many, this is a cause for preventing treatment. Unable to override the hardwiring that has taken place, the brain is closed off to the idea of recovery.

By a miraculous seed of faith that finds the desperate, there is an opening. The smallest amount of light finds its way into the dark corners of addiction in the mind. It is said that thoughts are powerful. When it comes to addiction and recovery, the idea of living a life free from the pain, shame, and guilt that has grown overtime has so much positive energy behind it that, within its very first instant of arrival, it begins to untangle the clustered web that has grown so blindingly thick overtime.


The Center for Life Change is here to provide a way into the light of recovery from the darkness of addiction. We know how impossible it seems, but every day we are witnessing the possibilities in our Intensive Outpatient Program. There is hope. Find it here. If you are suffering from addiction to opiates, do not lose hope. We have faith that you can recover. Call 951-775-4000 for more information.

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