September 3, 2018 Felicia Durling

How to Maintain Boundaries When Assisting Someone with an Addiction

When a person is suffering from an addiction, the actions can have a ripple effect on all family and friends involved in the situation. Too often, the person suffering from the addiction pulls others into negative patterns and behaviors. Loved ones have good intentions to help with the situation. But, these decisions can sometimes enable the addict’s behavior.

If you want to help your friend or family member overcome the addiction, then the best thing that you can do is recognize the enabling patterns and set boundaries to break the cycle.

Boundary Setting Tips from an Addiction Recovery Center in Temecula

Here are a few tips to consider as you are setting boundaries for the situation:

  • Maintain Accountability: Not only do you need to hold yourself accountable for the way your decisions affect the other person, but you need to let the addict know how their decisions are affecting others. It is easy to let someone off the hook when a negative situation happens. Instead of letting things slip by all the time, you need to let the person own the consequences of their drug or alcohol use.
  • Don’t Clean Up the Messes: Messy situations arise when a person is battling addiction. Whether you are facing a mess at home after a wild night of partying or the addict has a financial mess because of debts and unpaid bills, it is tempting to jump in and clean up the problems. But, cleaning up the messes means that the addict doesn’t need to face the consequences of their decisions. Instead of trying to fix everything, you might consider leaving the mess until the person is sober enough to understand the consequences of their actions.
  • Talk to a Professional: Families don’t have the knowledge or resources to know the best ways to help an addict. You don’t need to navigate this lonely path without support. Tap into the help that is available from an experienced addiction recovery center in Temecula.

At The Center for Life Change, we understand the challenges that you are facing. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to overcome an addiction or you want to help a family member, we offer all of the resources that might be needed. Call today to learn about the services that are available: (951) 775-4000

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