July 12, 2018 Felicia Durling

Choosing Music Wisely

Cymatics is the term used to describe the way the frequency of sound vibrations change the matter of that which sound is passing through. For example, stand next to the PA system at a small venue music show. You might feel as though the music is rattling your brain inside your head. You feel a vibration from deep inside your body and music itself evokes emotion. Play music near a glass of water and you’ll see the ripples in the water change with the music. What we hear and what we listen to can influence the material makeup of who we are.

Dr. Masaru Emoto famously experimented with taking cymatics one step further. Rather than examine the frequency of vibration, Dr. Emoto investigated frequency of intention. Not only does how sound vibrates matter, but what sound vibrates matters. Through a variety of experiments, Dr. Emoto found that negative vibrations and intentions caused matter (water in a petri dish) to muddle. Dark, cloudy, and messy patterns formed when statements like “I will kill you”or “I hate you” were written on the dish. Certain music with heavy vibrations and dark language caused the same effect. On the other hand, “I love you” and Buddhists chants created clear beautiful crystallizations in the water.

There are many cliche sayings in recovery which encompass this philosophy. “What you feed grows”, for example. It is normal to feel anger, depression, anxiety, and tension in early recovery. Learning to meet ourselves where we are and embrace our emotions is an important practice for lifelong recovery. However, indulging our negative moods too far can have a negative influence on who we are and what we are.

The Christian radio channel KLove has a tagline “Positive and Encouraging”. Songs about God, life, and faith, are grounded in hope, truth, and belief. Music has a powerful capacity to illustrate emotion in a unique way, so take heed of what you allow into your head while your main goal is health and positive transformation..

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