November 12, 2018 Felicia Durling

Does a Family Member Have a Drinking Problem?

Will you notice the signs of someone you love who has a drinking problem? Since alcohol is an accepted part of social activities in our society, it can be difficult to know when someone falls into addiction. The truth is that alcoholism can show up in different ways for different people. So, it is important that you watch for the signs and reach out to an alcohol recovery center in Temecula if your loved one needs help.

Watch for These Signs

Here are some of the signs that might indicate that your family member needs help to overcome a drinking problem:

  • High Tolerance to Alcohol: The body builds up a tolerance with time, which means that the person might not be as sensitive to alcohol if they have been drinking a lot. Pay attention to the amount of alcohol that is consumed, including the frequency of these drinking activities.
  • Can’t Stop After a Few Drinks: There is a big difference between sharing a drink socially and not being able to stop. When a person frequently binges in social settings, then they might need treatment.
  • Hiding Drinking Behaviors: One of the biggest signs of addiction is secrecy in the activities. The person might feel the need to hide the amount consumed. Sometimes they feel shame about their choices or other times they are using the substance to numb out emotions or stress of daily life. You should always be concerned if you find bottles in the desk drawer, under the bed, or hidden in the garage.
  • Unexplained Health Problems: Just because someone is frequently sick, doesn’t mean that they have an alcohol addiction. But, frequent drinking takes a toll on the body. The liver is put under stress, which can lead to chronic health issues. These health problems might seem simple, such as often coming down with a head cold. Or, the health concerns could show up as chronic problems such as liver failure or diabetes.
  • Behavioral Issues: The drinking problem will usually start to show through in the way a person behaves at school or work. Additionally, severe consequences might show up because a person can’t stop drinking. If the behavior continues (even though the person promised to stop), then it is a warning sign that they need help.

It is essential that you contact a professional team that offers alcohol recovery services in Temecula. For more information about your options, call us at The Center for Life Change: (951) 775-4000

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