Relapse Prevention is the Focus

For those who have either completed their inpatient stay or just beginning to address their drug and alcohol use, Treatment programs are designed with you in mind. You can receive the highest quality, individualized program that is cost-effective within one’s own community. You can maintain life’s responsibilities while benefiting from an effective rehabilitation program.

Northbound provides evidence-based, clinical drug and alcohol treatment, believing addiction to be a disease that deserves specialized treatments to mitigate its destructive nature. We understand that mental health treatment should accompany treatment and therefore we work closely with local psychiatrists, psychotherapists, EMDR specialists, and neuropsychologists to provide the expert oversight for our client’s mental health needs. Northbound also supports medication-assisted treatments with many local referrals for harm reduction strategies.

We can provide more information regarding affordable:

  • Adult Partial Hospitalization (30 hours/week)
  • Adult Intensive Outpatient Treatment (9 hours/week)
  • Adult and Adolescent Outpatient Treatment (6 hours/week)
  • Detox Evaluation and Referral
  • Clinical Family Night
  • Individual and Family Group Counseling
  • Family Case Management
  • Individual Counseling and Coaching
  • Drug Testing
  • Mandate Reporting
  • Coordination of Care with your physician
  • Letters for Court

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