April 9, 2018 Felicia Durling

Why Family Support is Important for Addiction Recovery

If a family member is caught in an addiction, then sometimes family and friends will walk away from the situation. It can be a challenge to support someone struggling with addiction, especially if that person is stealing to feed the habit or mistreating close relationships.

Even though you can’t control the person’s choices, you can support their journey to recovery. In fact, family support is often the key that is needed to help the person overcome the addictive behavior.

Healing Relationships to Improve Support

Relationships suffer when someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol. The addiction drives behavior in a way that damages relationships with all of the people nearby.

Certain types of therapy can be used to heal relationships and resolve conflicts that come up due to addiction. Improving communication is essential to boost daily interactions and decrease stress levels in the home.

Multiple Goals of Family Therapy

There are several focuses when a family chooses to participate in the therapy sessions. First, the goal is to use resources that are available to improve the relationships. As the person with addiction regains a sober life, they need a network of people to lean on during the troubling times. It is difficult to overcome addiction, which is why family support is so essential when the person is creating new habits and lifestyle changes.

At the same time, healing is available for family members who have been harmed by the behavior. These people can learn about the addiction to have more compassion for the situation. Plus, they can learn how to set boundaries that will reduce the risk of unhealthy relationships in the future.

Our team at The Center for Life Change understands the importance of a full range of addiction recovery services. We cater the treatment plans to match each situation. In addition to treatments for the person with the addiction, we also offer the support and care that is needed for family members. Call us today to learn about the services that are offered in our clinic. We are here to help with all types of addiction: (951) 775-4000

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