January 7, 2019 Felicia Durling

How to Pair New Year’s Resolutions with Addiction Recovery Goals

January is one of the most popular times of year for people to set goals, also known as New Year’s resolutions. If you are working to overcome an addiction, then a fresh start can be a great way to recommit to your sober goals, helping you stay on track in 2019.

Are you ready to create a new you? There’s no better time to start! Creating resolutions for yourself can be the beginning of positive changes that will last throughout your life. Whether you are working on addiction recovery or overall health and wellness, it is important that you find the right services in Temecula to support your needs.

Making Changes for 2019

Even though many people start the year with good intentions, it is common for most of the population to slip back into old habits before January is over. Rather than setting goals that will never be completed, you need to create the goals with a plan and system in place.

One important element is building in accountability. Telling yourself that you are going to stop using drugs or alcohol isn’t enough to promote change. Instead, you need to tap into the resources offered by a professional addiction recovery team in Temecula so that you can have the help and support required to ensure your progress. Most addicts have a hard time changing their behavior without help from an experienced team.

Goals for People in Recovery

Here are a few examples of New Year’s resolutions that you might consider if you are in recovery:

  • I will attend AAA meetings at least 4x per month
  • I will talk to my therapist at least 1x per week
  • I will meet 1 new sober friend each month
  • I will exercise at least 3x per week

As you are choosing your goals, it is important to select things that will promote good physical, emotional, and mental health. These things might seem small, but they build the solid foundation needed to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle.

At The Center for Life Change, we are here to support you throughout the year with your addiction recovery goals. If you are looking for addiction treatment in Temecula, then we invite you to contact our experienced team: (951) 775-4000

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