April 23, 2018 Felicia Durling

Why There isn’t a One-Size-Fits-All Solution for Addiction Rehab

Each person is unique, which means that every person goes through a different experience when they are working their way through addiction and recovery. Even if two people are using the same drug, their introduction, use, and duration could be completely different. For this reason, it is important that addiction recovery programs are customized to the needs of each person.

Cookie-Cutter Systems aren’t the Best Option

For many years, addiction recovery centers used generic treatment plans, regardless of the type of addiction that was being addressed. Now, professionals in the industry see the benefits of catering the treatment programs based on the needs of the individual.

Instead of assuming that a person will benefit from a specific treatment program, an overall strategy needs to be established around the person that is being treated. Not only do counselors and doctors need to work together, but it is essential that information is gathered and assessed regarding the persons’ daily activities, habits, and home life.

These small details can play a big role in the effectiveness of the treatment program. For example, a person might be struggling with alcohol abuse, but they are still capable of holding down a job during the week. In this situation, it might not make sense to have them miss work and check into an in-patient facility. Instead, a treatment program can be catered to the time that is available before and after the work shifts.

Customizing Treatment Plans

The benefit of a customized treatment plan is that the therapist and patient can reduce the wasted effort and time. The goal is to dial in a treatment program that is catered to the individual. As this process evolves, the person often feels more trusting and relaxed. They know that the treatment can be adjusted based on individual needs.

These personalized treatment plans increase the likelihood of addiction recovery. At the same time, the person finds tools and strategies that resonate with their personality and style. These tools can be used for a lifetime, helping them maintain a sober lifestyle.

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