November 15, 2015 Felicia Durling

It’s That Time of Year…

year endDear Friends and Community Partners,

What an amazing 2015.  We would not have been able to reach as many hurting families without your tremendous support.  So, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

You helped The Center become the leading Recovery Resource Center in The Temecula Valley, providing close to 8,000 clinical recovery, treatment and homeless resourcing services.  We are on a vigilant mission to completely impact, change and alter the course of addictive disorders in this Valley, and we believe we are just getting started.  We seek full restoration for the family, complete trust restored, and all hearts healed.  Empowered families leave our facility newly equipped to walk out their restored life.

This year, your donations helped us provide over 3,500 treatment services on site. We took over 400 community resource calls and provided nearly 330 treatment plan services.  We offered 1,400 services of group and individual treatment and managed over 900 case management services.  We provided over 1,750 services of community education and took over 230 crisis calls…

Then we prayed, interceded and watched God heal our city.

We continued our work through the summer with Rancho Community Church’s, The Community Mission of Hope and the Temecula Pantry.  We had the luxury of being on-site weekly, working with the chronic homeless, providing counseling, clinical mentoring and consulting. We provided training to these amazing community leaders to be the most effective with this hurting population.

The Center has a new partnership with The Dream Center: Lake Elsinore.  This next year, we will be providing clinical treatment for the 10 women who the Dream Center will be housing.  This is an exciting partnership toward the continuing of The Center’s mission to restore lives, post domestic violence, addiction and chronic homelessness. We are excited to watch God transform more lives through this amazing partnership.

As you can imagine, there are families right now in desperate need. Last year you raised over $23,000, helping The Center impact the Valley.  We want to provide 16,000 recovery services in 2016 for those families who need The Center’s life-changing programs.  Please help us double our goal to raise $50,000 to enable us to reach even further.  Your partnership will make a lasting impact.

The Center is a 501c3 non-profit serving the community, therefore your donations are tax deductible.  

You can mail your donations to 43397 Business Park Dr. D8, Temecula, CA 92590 or call 951-775-4000 to make an electronic payment over the phone.

On behalf of our dedicated team, we thank you.


As I write this, I am 174 days sober.  My alcohol abuse began at the age of 17, and my drug abuse began at 21.  Alcohol led me to drugs, and drugs and alcohol led me to one of the most violent “clubs” in the world.  After 21 years of being a maniac, I had accepted the fact that I was dying from my vices.  I was hung-over every day.  By noon I would start to feel a little better and my mind would immediately start thinking about getting another drink.  Typically, I would leave work early to get to the bar, so I could waste fifty dollars.  In the final weeks, I was commonly blacking out each day on the way home from the bar, while I was driving.  I was truly killing myself and I didn’t care.

Through the 21 years of hell that I put myself through, I knew there was someone watching over me, I felt it.  I had tried AA once and made it forty plus days and I went back to my alcohol.  Alcohol owned my soul and there was nothing I could do; it had me.  One day, my Mom told me that she had found a place locally that might be able to help me.  I used for another two weeks and then one day, I gave up.  I will never forget the day I walked into The Center; it truly changed my life forever.  I had no idea what to expect.  After 174 days I can safely say I am a nicer person because of the staff at The Center.  Most of my friends are dead but I can positively say that I now consider the staff at The Center, my friends.  I can laugh again, I can smile again, and I can cry again. Thanks to The Center I get to live.  I can’t get back the 21 years I Iost, but hopefully I have 21 more years to live and these 21 will be sober.  Thank God for The Center.

–A client at The Center

We will be forever grateful for all the loving, honest and life-changing support we received at The Center.  The parent group we attended gave us the priceless tools we needed to navigate the difficult waters of a loved one trapped in drug abuse.  It was wonderful to be supported by others who were experiencing similar situations and to gain from the wisdom and teachings of the staff.  We always left with practical tools and healing.

– A mother at The Center 


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