February 18, 2019 Felicia Durling

Life After Rehab: 3 Ways to Move Forward with a Sober Lifestyle

The successful completion of an addiction recovery program is a big milestone to hit. But just because you have reached the end of a formal treatment plan, doesn’t mean that you will never be triggered again. Addiction recovery is a life-long process, which means that you need to keep the right habits and systems in place to avoid a potential relapse.

Here are a few tips to implement to help you maintain a sober lifestyle after rehab:

  • Rebuilding Damaged Relationships: A good support network is critical so that you have people who will offer a helping hand when you’re feeling weak. It is common for relationships to be damaged due to drug or alcohol addiction. You can work with a counselor for advice on repairing these relationships with family members and sober friends. You can find happiness in forming positive support networks, giving you the fulfillment of close relationships without the damaging effects of addictive substances.
  • Maintaining Healthy Boundaries: Now that you understand your limits, it is important that you identify and enforce healthy boundaries. Make a conscious decision to stay sober and create guidelines and personal rules to keep yourself away from dangerous activities. Each person is unique in recovery, which is why it is important to create boundaries that apply to your personal For example, you might need to limit time with people who are a bad influence or choose to decline social events that could trigger your addiction.
  • Create a Substance-Free Environment: Don’t assume that you will always have the willpower to say no when faced with temptation. The best solution is to avoid the triggers by creating a substance-free environment. Remove anything from your home and social settings that remind you of the addiction. When the substance is out of sight, you will find it easier to avoid the temptation.

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