Parent Support Groups

Living with the reality that a son or daughter is struggling with chemical dependency can be an extremely confusing time for a parent. Families suffer greatly as they are faced with the destructive consequences that addiction can cause within the relationship with their child, as well as in their home. Though research and experience tells us that addiction affects the family as a whole, taking the steps to seek help and support for ourselves seems less important and less effective than focusing our attention on our dependent child. The truth is the contrary.

At The Center we understand that the road to recovery is fragile for every member of the family. Many parents feel burdened with the responsibility of trying to “fix their child.” Others express feelings of fear and doubt as they face their child’s uncertain future and have lost all hope that things could ever be normal with their child or their families again.

The parent program offered at The Center is designed to address the specific needs and concerns that most every parent experiences as they walk this uncertain path. With education workshops and individual counseling our aim is to educate parents about chemical dependency while providing the personal touch needed in order to begin their own recovery process. Our weekly parent support group is offered as a free resource for anyone seeking guidance and support. Exclusively for the parent of the child that struggles with chemical abuse or dependency, our support group is the safe place to learn the needed skills to journey the difficult path of being the parent of a dependent son or daughter.

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