December 27, 2018 Felicia Durling

Repurposing Your Digital Time

We spend way too much time looking at screens. Smart phones, TV’s, Computers, Monitors… large portions of our waking hours are spent engaging with screens. Today’s modern world is increasingly dependent on digital interaction. Almost everything can be done online. What cannot be done online is being offline. Social media is supposed to connect us to one another yet has repeatedly proven to make us feel more isolated. Ultimately, there is one thing missing from relying on digital sources for all things in our lives- it isn’t spiritual.

Granted, there are many spiritual connections and experiences to be had online. However, it is through solitary time spent connecting to our inner and outer world that rejuvenates our spiritual connection.

For our hearts, eyes, stress levels, and brain functioning, it is important to look away from screens for at least 2 minutes every 20 minutes that we are engaged. Sometimes, taking a longer break is necessary.

Don’t start your morning with a screen

Most of our alarm clocks are now on our phone. We wake up and unlock the ringing, faced with the option of many apps. Many of us go straight to social media and engage in “the scroll” which has been proven to stimulate the brain in ways similar to cocaine. We might check our email, our calendars, or other apps. Instead of reaching for engagement, reach for some form of enlightened thinking. Download a meditation app and make dedicated time in the morning to close your eyes and connect within.

Don’t end your night with a screen

Scientists and psychologists have become worried about the bedtime practice of using our screened devices until we fall asleep. Binaural beats are proven to help the brain fall asleep and stay in deep, restful sleep state. Make the last thing you do on your phone turning on a sleep meditation app. Of course, turning off your phone hours before bedtime is healthy, too. Make time to read, meditate, pray, or journal before bed. You’ll thank yourself in the long term for being able to fall asleep on your own.

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