August 16, 2016 Felicia Durling

What are the Side Effects of Cocaine Abuse?

What are the Side Effects of Cocaine Abuse?Cocaine is an old drug that never seems to go away. From the hands of the poor on the streets to the mirrors of the rich in mansions, cocaine addiction finds its way into anyone’s life. When abused regularly, cocaine does not discriminate on who gets affected by what. Varying in how pure cocaine can be and how intensely cocaine will be experienced by the body, a range of side effects are possible, each posing potentially fatal implications on health.

A stimulant that directly impacts the central nervous system, cocaine can be ingested intravenously (injecting), breathed into the lungs via smoking, inhaled through the nose, or orally admitted by rubbing it on the gums or swallowing it. Cocaine produces copious amounts of dopamine in the brain, creating a startling stimulation in what the brain uses as its reward center. As a party favor or a full time habit, cocaine will damage someone’s life, or even take it.

Side Effects of Cocaine Abuse

Cardiovascular Side Effects of Cocaine Abuse

When cocaine enters the blood stream, it’s stimulant nature gets to work instantaneously. Sending blood raging through the heart, cocaine can skyrocket a heart rate to dangerous levels. As a result, heart attack, heart palpitations, heart seizures, and cardiac arrest are common side effects of cocaine abuse. Heart failure can occur after just one hit of cocaine, be it the first or the hundredth.


Psychological Damages caused by Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine can damage the brain’s motor function skills like the ability to speak or walk with prolonged abuse. Productivity can be decreased, going against its nature as a stimulant giving abusers the sensation of being able to do anything. Stroke and seizure are not uncommon when it comes to cocaine abuse.


Other Physiological Side Effects of Cocaine Abuse

Injecting cocaine long term can damage veins, skin, and make a user vulnerable to disease such as HIV and AIDS. Inhaling cocaine through the nose can deteriorate the nasal cavity to the point of completely destroying it. Bloating due to cocaine abuse can cause damage to the way intestines function in the body.

Lastly, death is the worst side effect of cocaine. Overdosing on cocaine is not conditional by any means. It can happen at any time, to anyone.


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