January 14, 2019 Felicia Durling

The Link Between Mental Illness and Addiction

Healthcare professionals agree that there is an undeniable link between mental illness and addiction. But the question remains whether mental illness leads to addiction, or if addiction is the trigger for the onset of mental problems. Researchers have found that there may be an overlap of brain functions that are affected by anxiety or depression as well as the use of certain substances.

Some people turn to substances such as drugs and alcohol to self-medicate and dull the anxiety, depression, or pain. Additionally, the use of these substances could exacerbate the symptoms of mental illness. Eventually, it becomes a situation where it is difficult to determine the cause-and-effect when someone is suffering from mental health issues and they are using substances as well.

Co-Occurring Treatment Plan

Regardless of the cause and effect, these two issues are known as co-occurring disorders. So, it is important to structure the treatment plan to not only address the addictive behavior, but the mental challenges as well. Each person needs to be treated for their entire history, not just the behavior that has been happening in recent months or years.

It is quite common for addiction professionals to use a dual-diagnosis approach during treatment. The goal is to break the habit of substance abuse. Additionally, the simultaneous mental health support helps the person get back on track so they are mentally ready to embrace a sober life in the future.

Reducing the Risk of Addiction

Mental health is relevant to both physical and emotional well-being, which is why it is important that mental health concerns are treated with the same compassion and urgency as physical concerns. The risk of addiction increases when someone is dealing with mental health challenges.

Friends and family might identify the symptoms of addiction or mental health conditions. But it is important to work with a team of Temecula addiction recovery professionals for an official diagnosis. A custom treatment plan can be designed to help the individual find the way forward to overcome the addictive behavior. For more information about drug recovery in Temecula, call us at The Center for Life Change: (951) 775-4000

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