May 21, 2018 Felicia Durling

Tips for Managing Cravings While Living a Sober Life

When a person is overcoming addiction, managing cravings is an ongoing difficulty that needs to be addressed. A person might feel empowered as they break the habits and start living a sober life. But, it is easy to slip back into old experiences that are encountered at school or work. Eventually, every person will face a situation that could result in relapse if the cravings aren’t managed.

Cravings and triggers are inevitable. So, it is essential that you have good systems in place to help you manage the issues before they are too intense. Many people find that it is beneficial to have ongoing support from an addiction recovery specialist to get the assistance that is needed to manage the temptations.

Triggers and Social Settings

How often do the triggers come up in social settings? If you are spending time with people who are using your drug of choice, then you will undoubtedly find yourself in situations where opportunities are presented. This problem is also common for people overcoming alcohol addiction, especially since alcohol is served at many events and social gatherings.

Even if you aren’t dealing with peer pressure, it can still be hard to see others participating in an activity that was a big part of your life in the past. Just because you are sober now, it doesn’t mean that you will always find it easy to decline invitations or opportunities. As difficult as it might be, you need to look for new social circles that will keep you away from the common triggers that you experience.

Other Tips for Cravings Management

Identifying your triggers and managing your social settings are foundational principles that need to be considered. Here are a few other strategies that you might use:

  • Communicate your goals and efforts with friends and family to get the support that is needed
  • Take care of your body with a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep patterns so that you feel good
  • Create a support network so that you know where to go when things get tough

Every situation is unique, which is why you should talk to a recovery specialist for personalized recommendations. For more information, call The Center for Life Change: (951) 775-4000

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