July 23, 2018 Felicia Durling

What is the Difference Between Alcohol Dependency and Addiction?

Alcohol is a substance that is commonly used in our society, with easy access to people who are over the age of 21. While it is an acceptable practice to meet up with a friend for a drink or grab a beer at the ball game, there is a fine line between social alcohol use and when it turns into a dependency or addiction.

It might seem harmless to drink too much, especially since alcohol is accepted and offered at many social events. Many people choose to wind down a busy day with a glass of wine or a nightcap. But, these activities can turn into habits that become hard to break, especially when your body develops a tolerance to the alcohol that you are drinking. Eventually, dependence forms, which can morph into an addiction as the frequency and amount of alcohol increases over time.

Examples of Alcohol Abuse

Some of the most common examples of alcohol abuse include drinking and driving or binge-drinking at a party. These situations might be noticeable by friends and family. But, some of the smaller signs are often overlooked.

If you drink regularly and have a hard time going without the alcohol, then you might have a dependency. Eventually, the psychological dependency can turn into an addiction when there is a physical need for the alcohol as well.

When to Seek Help for Alcohol Use

How do you know when it is time to contact an experienced team for alcohol treatment? Here are a few signs that you need to call us:

  • Do you find it hard have a good time at a party if you don’t have a drink?
  • Do you depend on a drink at the end of the day to wind down?
  • Are social events planned around drinking?
  • Have you been unsuccessful in quitting in the past?
  • Is it difficult to stop drinking once you have started?
  • Do you drink alcohol, even though you are experiencing negative consequences?
  • Is alcohol interfering with life responsibilities, such as work or school?

If you feel as though any of these factors apply to you, then it might be time to seek addiction treatment. Talk to our team at The Center for Life Change to find out more information about the alcohol addiction services that are available: (951) 775-4000

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