February 11, 2019 Felicia Durling

Why a Sober Relationship is Essential after Addiction Recovery Treatment

It feels good to finally find your footing after working your way through addiction treatment. Whether you are sober for the first time after facing addiction or you are working to maintain sobriety after a relapse, you need to surround yourself with people who won’t sabotage your success.

Not only will friends and family support your sobriety, but it is essential that you consider the quality of your love relationship. Sharing an intimate connection with someone can be empowering and strengthening. On the other hand, the person’s influence could lead you back into the addictive patterns again.

Blinded By Love

The problem is that love can blur the lines, making it difficult to remember the habits and patterns that were chosen to keep you away from the addictive behavior. Often, poor influence seems harmless in the beginning. You are strong in your drug recovery and don’t want to let anything lead you off course.

Eventually, the relationship gets more serious, and you might discover that your partner is participating in risky activity. Having drugs and alcohol around the house can make it hard for you to maintain your sobriety goal. These triggers wear down a person’s resolve and can lead to relapse.

Choosing a Supportive Partner

Instead of taking a risk by choosing a partner who might sabotage your sobriety, you need to commit to relationships with people who don’t participate in the risky activity. Having the support of a sober lover gives you extra encouragement to avoid the triggers that affect your addiction.

Being a good judge of others is something that is learned when you are going through an addiction treatment program. Not only do you need to evaluate the person’s character, but you also need to watch for the signs and symptoms of an addict. Any red flags could be an indication that you are heading in the wrong direction by choosing a relationship with someone who is using.

Moving Forward

Being in recovery means that you can move forward in a positive, healthy way by avoiding influences and people that will affect your decisions. If you need support, then our experienced team at The Center for Life Change is here to assist. Call to learn about the drug treatment services available in Temecula: (951) 775-4000

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